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"Balms tend to have more shea butter or beeswax and protect and hydrate skin at the same time," Blades alicante acupuncture said. So pressed serums are analogous to beauty balms, but the differentiating factor is the ratios of oils, moisturizers, and active treatment ingredients. That said, Dr. Villafranco has a good point. "I’d rather see people reading labels and choosing a gorgeous, high-quality product packed with pure, powerful ingredients than falling for a fancy name like 'pressed serum,'" she said. In other words, the line between pressed serums and beauty balms is blurry at best. "A beautiful facial oil ( Nectar Vital Rose Drops ) or a silky balm ( Josh Rosebrook’s Vital Balm Cream or May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon ) will make you glow every bit as much as a pressed serum," she said. Long story short, a pressed serum is similar to a balm but typically has more treatment and solution-oriented benefits other than hydration. That said, different skin types have varying needs, and a beauty balm might be just as good a pressed serum for your skin.

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Ten quizzed  over ‘kidnap and rape’ of minors in Alicante TEN men accused of giving three escaped girls from a juvenile centre drink, drugs and money before taking them to an Alicante apartment and sexually assaulting them have been arrested. Those arrested, which included two youths, allegedly locked one 14-year-old girl in the building for more than 24 hours. She was repeatedly assaulted and raped during that time, according to National Police. Officers have located two of the alleged victims but were reportedly tracing a 17-year-old last week. Police began their investigation after being informed by officers in Alicante that the three girls had left the juvenile institution they were at and had not returned. Their inquiries allegedly led them to believe that the 14, 15 and 17-year-olds had all been offered alcohol, drugs and money to lure them to the apartment.  Officers from Alicante’s Central District Police station, along with members of the Family Assistance Unit and the Response Operative Group later raided three homes allegedly used by the group. They reportedly found several stolen goods in the properties, including 15 mobile phones, four bicycles, electronics and computers. Police believe these were sold on the back market to fund the group’s lifestyle. The accused were then arrested in connection with sexual assault, abuse, robbery, organised crime and corruption of minors. Their proceedings have been sent to a Magistrate’s Court.

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